i feel way

I try and keep the content on here to just my stuff, but some friends came over the other day and we were taking turns playing songs and just doing nothing but listening to music. A friend put this song on and I immediately had to ask what it was. He replied nonchalantly, “This was a song I made awhile back – edited the video to it as well.” I haven’t been able to stop playing this. The video is just as strong…the dancing…the color…the music. All of it comes together to create something completely new.

I think it’s meeting people who are creative that keeps me going and pursuing my own endeavors. Pushing me more and more to work harder at what I enjoy. It’s always amazing to see how other people see the world and what they create. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


About zupe

fresh pow. left breaks. house music. magnatraction. cold salt water. surfing 36th to 42nd street. hockey. fixies. camping. design. architecture. two planks. starcow. kronenbourg 1664. paris. undefeated. holden. barcelona. dave's quality meat. chanel allure sport. trolli peachie-o's. flannel. formula 1. pbr. sleemans cream ale. supreme ny. fuct. jose parla. rainier. joshua trees. budweiser. cardigans. air max. kaws. eames rocker chair. ray ban. classic vans. beanies. chuck taylors. pea soup. baseball. tord boontje. newport/balboa. venice beach. carhartt. painting. el caminos. sitting around a campfire. constellations. smores. van halen: why can't this be love. woodstock.
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One Response to i feel way

  1. Dashiell says:

    This made my day Adam, thank you so much for the support!

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