about you

I don’t really give reviews about music – my music taste may be a bit weird for some so I don’t usually explain much-I just put it out there. I felt this album had a lot to do with the Holy Other post I did a week or two ago. Whereas Holy Other’s “Held” is meant for those nights you return home alone from going out, XXYYXX’s album is meant for when you wake up in the morning by yourself; when you attempt to dig yourself out of the hole you dug the night before. Enjoy-

about you – xxyyxx

dmt – xxyyxx

tied2u – xxyyxx

good enough – xxyyxx

set it off – xxyyxx


About zupe

fresh pow. left breaks. house music. magnatraction. cold salt water. surfing 36th to 42nd street. hockey. fixies. camping. design. architecture. two planks. starcow. kronenbourg 1664. paris. undefeated. holden. barcelona. dave's quality meat. chanel allure sport. trolli peachie-o's. flannel. formula 1. pbr. sleemans cream ale. supreme ny. fuct. jose parla. rainier. joshua trees. budweiser. cardigans. air max. kaws. eames rocker chair. ray ban. classic vans. beanies. chuck taylors. pea soup. baseball. tord boontje. newport/balboa. venice beach. carhartt. painting. el caminos. sitting around a campfire. constellations. smores. van halen: why can't this be love. woodstock.
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One Response to about you

  1. Melissa Pazan says:

    I like this one-out your window! Alfred H.!

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